Jio 4G Phone: Tips & Features to Know Before You Buy

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jio 4g phone

Jio 4G Phone captured a lot of traction since the device was announced by Mukesh Ambani. The device comes with a dedicated Jio Dhan Dhana plan of Rs. 153. The phone was targeted by Reliance Jio at the budget subscribers at an effective price of Rs. 0. But as Jio Phone has made its public appearances, all questions have been answered.

With Support for VoLTE, Jio 4G Phone was always expected to be a budget-friendly device power packed with some exceptional features. Because of a candy bar design, many may think Jio Phone is only a feature phone that has support for 4G VoLTE.  Conversely, the mobile has got many features which bring it in the class of a smartphone. If you are still wondering how to use or whether to buy Jio Phone or not here is a look at the top features.

Top Jio 4G Phone Features

Import Gmail/Outlook Contacts:

Did you Know you can import or copy your Google and Microsoft account contacts to Jio 4G Phone? For this open the Contacts app and click on the settings to find the import contacts option. Here, choose Gmail and/or outlook and enter your credentials to import contacts. Note that you need to hit Allow to give KAI OS access to your information.

Change Interface Language:

Jio Phone has support for 22 languages including English, Hindi, Marathi, among others. This means you can choose a language of preference to use Jio Phone seamlessly. To change the interface language, go to personalization in the settings. Head to the language option, hit ok, and scroll down to the language of your choice. Press ok to select the language and change interface of your Jio Phone.

Enable Call Forwarding Feature:

You can enable call forwarding feature in Jio phone from the call settings app. Here find the Network and Connectivity tab and scroll down to Call Forwarding. You need to provide the forwarding number and choose the suitable option Always Forward, Forward When Busy, etc.) to turn this feature on.

Tips to Use Jio 4G Phone

Here are some tips that help you make perfect use of Jio Phone. These tips are hidden in the features you may not see when you start using the device.

Set-up Screen Lock:

Set up a screen lock on your Jio phone to keep safe your information. In the settings app, go to privacy and security option and select screen lock. The handset will prompt you to enter a new four digit screen lock passcode. Note that the passcode should be easy to remember. You will have to enter the code when you unlock the handset next time.

Turn On USB Storage:

This feature is turned off by default enable it to transfer files from a storage device to Jio Phone. Go to settings head to storage tab and select the USB Storage option. Once you enable USB Storage you will be able to transfer files from your Jio Phone using a USB cable.

Enable Do Not Track:

Jio Phone has a Do Not Track option in the settings app which allows you to choose websites and apps to not track you. This option is present in the Privacy and Security tab in the settings app.

Check Software Update:

Expect many features in your Jio Phone via over-the-air updates. To check if your phone has received a software update in the Settings app go the Device tab. Here, select Device information and scroll down to LYF software Update option to check for new OTA update.

Jio Phone has payed way for a new section in the mobile segment “Budget 4G Phone”. It seems promising as many operators have already announced devices in this segment. Jio 4G Feature Phone remains the most popular because it was announced first and has captured a major section in the market.


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