Jio Broadband Plans – A comparison between Airtel vs Jio

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The Difference Between Airtel and Reliance Jio Broadband Plans

Jio is about to launch it’s Jio Broadband Plans in Indian market, we all know Airtel has been providing the best connectivity and services to India for a long time now. They have a seamless connectivity with custom made plans, high-speed internet access and value added services with the wireless internet.

Till date Airtel is one of the leading internet service providers in India whether it is broadband plans or for mobile. But now things are about to change with entry of Reliance Jio in Broadband market. Here we will be comparing the Airtel Broadband Plans vs Jio Broadband Plans

Jio Broadband Plans comparison

However, after the launch of Reliance Jio 4G with its free unlimited 4G network, India has witnessed something really amazing like never before and now we are yet to see the Jio broadband services that will yet again change the way India uses Broadband services. They are introducing a new Fiber-based broadband service that will have some of the amazing plans with excellent speed.



People have been looking for Reliance Jio vs Airtel broadband services to understand which one is better. Let us see the plans of Airtel India Broadband services as it slightly changes in different cities.


Airtel India Broadband plans:

The airtel broadband internet plans have revised its plans up to twice the data for the same monthly prices. They are trying to increase it upto 100 percent more data.

Rs 899 Unlimited 16Mbps 60GB 750GB
Rs 1099 Unlimited 40Mbps 90GB 1000GB
Rs 1299 Unlimited 100Mbps 125GB 1000GB
Rs 1499 Unlimited 100Mbps 160GB 1000GB
Rs 1799 Unlimited 100Mbps 220GB 1000GB


Reliance Jio Fiber Broadband Plans:

Reliance Jio Broadband services has a wider plans as compared to Airtel that will serve us Indians in a better way. There are three types of plans Jio has introduced based on:

  • Speed
  • Volume
  • Special offers

Finally, let’s see how their plans look like. The following plans are valid for a 30 days.

Please note, the Jio fiber plans are based on speed, volume and some special offers to choose from. Some plans are capped with limited speed and data while few are unlimited plans that have special offers on them. Check them out below:

Jio Broadband Speed Test

Reliance Jio Fiber Broadband Speed Test

Plans based on Internet Speed:

Rates Speed Data
Rs 1500 50 Mbps 2000 GB
Rs 2000 100 Mbps 1000 GB
Rs 3500 200 Mbps 750 GB
Rs 4000 400 Mbps 500 GB
Rs 5500 600 Mbps 300 GB


Plans based on Data volume:

Rates Data Volume Daily Limit
Rs 1000 Unlimited 5 GB/day
Rs 2000 Unlimited 10 GB/day
Rs 3000 Unlimited 20 GB/day
Rs 4000 Unlimited 40 GB/day
Rs 5000 Unlimited 60 GB/day


Special Offer plan for Jio Broadband:

Rates Speed Monthly Data Volume
Rs 500 15 Mbps 600 GB
Rs 1000 25 Mbps 500 GB
Rs 500 Not applicable 3.5 GB per day
Rs 500 60 Mbps Not applicable
Rs 800 Not applicable Unlimited

Reliance jio broadband
has variety of plans to choose from and hence, If you want a cost effective broadband then Reliance Jio broadband should be your no.1 choice.


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