Jio Car Router – Launch Date, Price, Online Booking, How to Use & Specification

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Reliance Jio is ready with its new device that is in line with the Digital Life Campaign of the company. Jio Car Router or Jio Car Connect makes connected car solution very simple and affordable.

What is Jio Car Router?

Jio Car Router is essentially a dongle with Jio SIM, there is also a mobile application making any ordinary car smart. Jio car connect will fundamentally change the way we drive, own, and maintain our cars.  This unique device is sure to enhance the driving experience of consumers.

Jio Car Router is look like as:

jio car router


How Jio Car Router Works?

This small device sits in your car and makes it a connected one. There is an OBD port present below the steering, this device is connected to that port. From there, the device gets power and vital data of the vehicle. Jio car connect requires internet connectivity that is provided by Reliance Jio sim inserted in the OBD device. The dedicated sim slot present in the device makes it special.

On connecting this device, Jio Car Connect app provides vital stats about your car.

Features of Jio Car Router

It provides wi-fi within the car, locates the car, and alerts the owner about car movement. Furthermore, the device can also switch on AC of the car from a remote location and restrict the movement of the car within a geography. Some of the stats that are expected from the device include:

  • Fuel Info
  • Distance Stats
  • Speed
  • Battery
  • Water levels
  • Temperature
  • Oil levels
  • Vehicle Info
  • Safety Features: The smart device will warn you in case you haven’t attached your seat belt. In addition, the information like tyre pressure and engine temperature also make your car safer.

These stats will be available on your phone with the app. You can get speed alerts and with geo-fencing, you even get alerts when your car leaves a certain preset area.

Benefits of Jio Car Router

A connected car is also a smart car, this device provides many benefits apart from providing complete vehicle info. This device can alert you about movement of your car and immobilise it at the time of theft. The stats provided can help better your driving habits thus increasing efficiency and safety.

Compatibility  Cars for Jio Car Router

Jio car router is said to support all recent car models of last 10 years. However, to be sure about the compatibility you can confirm it with a mechanic.

Launch date of Jio Car Router

The Jio car router is very close to launch. Recently, Technical Guruji did an unboxing video of this device. You can check the video from here. So, we can expect the connected car platform to launch soon. Reportedly, Reliance is in talks with automobile companies to roll out this new device.

Jio Car Router Specifications

In the Jio Car Router Box, you will get the device along with usual documentation like warranty card and quick start guide. There is no battery, as the device is powered directly from your Car. The dedicated Sim slot provides connectivity to the device. Jio Car Router has a 16 pin connector. However, the number of devices that can be connected is not known as yet.

Jio Car Router Leaked Images

Take a closer look at Jio Car Router. Here are some of the images that have surfaced online. Leaked Images of the device:

Jio Car Router Jio Car Router Jio Car Router

Price of Jio Car Router

The exact price of this device is not known, but is expected to cost around Rs. 2,000. Coming from Reliance Jio, affordability is something we can be assured of. Moreover, we can expect some offers as well from Jio on launch of this device.

What is Jio Car Router App?

The mobile app sync with Jio car router to provide diagnostics of your car. Compatible with android and iOS devices the app is soon to be launched along with the device. Once synchronized with the app you are ready to access diagnostics of your car on mobile. We will update the download link when the device is launched.

To summarise, Jio is as all set to make our car driving experience a special one with its new device.



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