Jio MNP: Switch to Jio without losing your Existing Number

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jio mnp

Many people are eager to port their existing numbers to Reliance Jio to take advantage of free voice calls, free SMSes, and unlimited 4G data.  Jio MNP (Mobile number portability) is an excellent option, if you want to switch to Jio but fear to lose your existing number. By availing Jio MNP service,  you can keep your old number and still be using Jio.

Jio MNP Service

In a very short while, Jio has become a popular telecom operator. The numbers speak for themselves be it the duration to cross 100 million subscribers or the data consumed by Jio subscribers. The low tariff plans and the exciting (Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan) offers are luring for telecom subscribers across the country. Many people choose to use Jio as their preferred sim for data while retaining their old numbers. For people who want to keep one single SIM, porting their existing number to Jio is a formidable option.

What is Mobile Number Portability (MNP)?

Mobile number portability or simply MNP allows a subscriber to switch from one service provider to another without having to change his number. MNP is a boon for people who are not satisfied with their existing service provider. Basically, you need to follow few steps to port your number from one service provider to another.

Jio MNP: Port your Existing Prepaid or Postpaid Number in following Steps:

jio mnp
  • SMS PORT <Space> <10-digit mobile number> to 1900 from your number which you want to port. In response, you will get an SMS that will contain 8 digit UPC code. Remember this code has limited validity within which you need to use it.
  • Download MyJio app to generate Jio coupon code. MyJio app is available to download from Google Play store & App store.
  • Walk into your nearest Reliance Digital/DX Mini or multi-brand Jio store with the Unique porting code(UPC), Jio coupon code regenerated from MyJio app along with your 4G handset.
  • For instant eKYC, carry your Aadhaar Card. You can also use a copy of Proof of Address, Proof of Identity and a passport size photograph for availing Jio SIM.

Jio Number Portability by Call Method

  • To get started with mobile number portability, you need 8 digit UPC from your existing operator. You can get the code via SMS or Call.
  • Dial 1900 from your mobile phone to receive Unique Porting Code (UPC).
  • Note down the 8 digit UPC and use it before the expiry date.
  • The remaining steps remain the same as done by the SMS method.

Important Documents to Port your Number to Jio

You only need Aadhaar number for Jio Sim activation as well as number portability. In case you don’t have aadhaar card you will need a proof of address, proof of ID, and a passport size photograph. Fill mobile number portability from by visiting nearest Reliance store or retailer for which you need UPC, operator number, and mobile number.

Jio Sim Activation: Time to Port your Number into Jio

Once you have completed the above procedure, your number will port to Jio within 7 working days. During the time, you will get uninterrupted services. On the day, your number is ported into Jio you will be intimated. After receiving activation message, recharge your number with any of the Jio recharge plans to enjoy services.

Jio Mobile Number Portability: Frequently Asked Questions

Who can avail MNP service?

To port your number to Jio or any other service provider it should be in service for more than 90 days. If you have completed 90 days with your existing operator you are eligible to avail MNP service.

How much time does it take to port number from one operator to another?

Porting time is generally between 1 to 4 days. If you check Jio’s website, it is mentioned as up to 7 working days. Important thing here is that you will get uninterrupted services until your number is ported into Jio.

Is MNP only for a prepaid number? Can a postpaid number migrate to Jio?

Both prepaid, as well as postpaid subscribers, are eligible for mobile number portability.

Can I port my number from one state to another?

Any telecom subscriber can port number within his/her existing circle. Currently, MNP is not available from one circle or state to another.

What are charges for porting your number to Jio?

There is a flat service charge of Rs.19 as porting charges for migrating your number. The charges and porting procedure remains same for all telecom operators. If you are a postpaid subscriber, clear your pending charges with existing service operator.


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