Reliance Jio Caller Tune – How to Activate, Toll Free Number and Song Lists

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jio caller tune, reliance jio caller tuneBefore saying “Hello” to your caller, let them enjoy a song by setting up a caller tune on your number. For all the Jio users there is a good news. Reliance Jio Caller Tune can now be set on your phone for free in a number of ways. Choose from a wide range of songs starting from Bollywood songs to English songs to Devotional songs. To activate the Reliance Jio Caller Tune either download the Jio Music app or send a text msg to jio. Continue reading to know about the procedures.

Reliance Jio Caller Tunes

By far one of the best connection for setting up free caller tunes is Reliance Jio. the Reliance Jio customers get to avail the best free caller tune services known as JioTune. Do not restrict yourself to the regular “tring tring” of the caller tone. Experiment your caller tune with different songs choosing from: bollywood, regional, devotional, english, album songs, romantic numbers, party songs, rock music, EDM, RnB, etc.  Moreover, there are also various Jio Online Recharge Plans that one can make use of.

Three Ways to Activate Reliance Jio Caller tune for free

There are a number of ways through which you can activate a caller tune for your jio number for free.

  1. Download the Jio Music app
  2. Send your desired movie name to 56789
  3. Press star (*) to copy someone else’s caller tune.

How to Activate Reliance Jio Caller Tune using Jio Music App?

Jio Music is an official music app of Reliance Jio. Reliance Jio caller tune can be easily downloaded from this app. Just follow the below steps to set a free caller tune on your Jio number.

  • Step 1: Browse for the Jio Music app in your Jio Phone. Check the availability in your state and city. Choose to download the Jio Music App.

Step 2:  Now choose from a wide array of music collection found on the Jio Music app. From top trending hit numbers, English top songs, Hindi old collection and new Popular bollywood songs. Choose your favourite song that you want to set your caller tune as. Here we have chosen a new bollywood track from the movie Raabta.

  • Step 3: Choose the desired movie and select the song you want. Here we have chosen the title track of the movie Raabta.
  • Step 4: An option called “set as caller tune” will pop up. Choose to select the song a your caller tune.

  • Step 5:  Done! You will get a confirmation notification from Jio saying that you have activated caller tune. The steps to activate the free caller tune is simple and easy. Do not wait any longer. Choose to entertain your callers with a beautiful song by activating caller tunes in your reliance Jio number.

How to Activate Reliance Jio Caller Tune by Sending a Request TEXT?

You have already seen how easy and simple it is to activate a caller tune on your reliance jio number. Setting up a caller tune with the help of sending a request text to Jio is even more convenient. The steps are simple:

Step 1: To activate the caller tune in your reliance jio number through text messages simply send a Text message to 56789 with the text MOVIE followed by the Movie name. Example: If you want to activate a caller tune from the movie Raabta then send the following:




To 56789

You will get a text back from Reliance Jio with a list of songs that Raabta movie has.

Step 2: In the next step, you will have to send them a text back with the number you want to choose as your caller song. Here we chose the third song as 3.

  • Step 3: Once you send them with a reply, here 3. They will ask you to confirm with a number as to what audience this JioTune is for.  Send them the confirmation by sending them 1 for all callers.
  • Step 4: You will now be getting a confirmation text from Jio stating that you can send them back with a “Y” that will confirm a yes.
  • Step 5: All done !! In the next step Reliance Jio will send you a confirmation text saying that your JioTune is confirmed for the next 30 days for free.

How to set up Reliance Jio Tune by Pressing Star (*)?

If you liked someone else’s caller JioTune then you can simply press star button (*) while you are calling them. The JioTune can be activated in your number by this simple trick for the next 30 days for Rs 0.0.

How to deactivate the Reliance Jio Caller tune from your Phone?

After 30 days they will start charging you for the JioTune, so it is advised you deactivate it after a month. To deactivate this JioTune service on your phone you can simply send

STOP to 56789

And this way your reliance jio caller tune services will be deactivated from your number. A confirmation  text will be sent to your number after this.

How to Change the Music of your JioTune?

If you want to change your song on your Reliance jio caller tune, then simply follow the same procedure that you did while activating it. It just means you will reactivate your JioTune but this time with a different song.

Reliance Jio Caller Tune Toll Free Number

There is no need to call any number to activate Reliance Jio caller tunes. As stated above, you can activate caller tune by sending text message or by using Jio App. One number which can be used is below, use this number to get free caller tune. 567670022


Enjoy caller tune and other free services on Reliance Jio by becoming a Jio Prime Member till March next year.


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